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"Barclays Facilities Branding”

Barclays Shared Services (A part of Barclays Bank Plc.) reached out to us over 7 years ago with their brand's requirement - ongoing communication design exercises that focussed on using various forms of print and interactive media to motivate, engage and energise colleagues. We were, obviously, excited to have a brand with such strong heritage work with us and managed to convert our enthusiasm into a strong partnership that continues to be an engaging experience.

Part of the work that we have been doing for Barclays, is to create facilities (space) specific branding, delivered in the form of wall-art and posters that are audience specific. For example, if the audience in question is senior management then the creative would focus on delivering brand messages tailored not only to their taste but to their purpose or function within the organisation.

Over the years we have seen Barclays Shared Services grow from 400 to over 8,000 people strong and have branded 4 facilities in India covering more than 1,500,000 sq. ft. of space. More than the appreciation or recognition, we are proud to have delivered on our promise - to have created a memorable experience for their colleagues.

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