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Oriental Grandeur

“JING - The capital of Chinese Cuisine“

Jing in Chinese means capital or wealth. When we started off on this project, our aim was to create a name and identity for a modern Chinese cuisine experience where patrons could enjoy meals amongst urban interiors and quiet ambience.

With the involvement of the client, the name “Jing” was finally arrived at and it made an instant connect with the wealth of beautiful food available at the restaurant. The logo was was a more literal take on wealth and featured the Chinese character for “Jing” symbolised as a gold coin. Gold, black and white were selected as the brand colours and formed the core of the artwork design.

For this project our team researched for weeks, on how Chinese paintings and illustrations were done by various Chinese native artists. On the basis of our research we then illustrated the in entire brand story for “Jing” and then used these illustrations across their menu and numbers other collateral.