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Home is Where the Heart is

"Auria Residences"

Auria was a 360 degree Branding and Identity design project that was done for RPS Group India. The brief was to create a brand that imbibes the spirit of modern luxury but still accessible to middle income groups through simple, clean communication. We started off with the naming exercise. The name "Auria" was derived from the word "Aura" - how the aura of these homes, an aura of luxury, space and comfort, creates feelings of pride and belonging for it’s residents.

The name "Auria" was also chosen because of it's feminine appeal as the influencer amongst the target demographic was discovered to be the woman of the house. The "R" symbol was given a envisioned as - Regal, Royal, Rupee or wealth, RPS, Residence and more and therefore become a big part of the communication style.

We then designed the stationery, brand brochure, website, various collateral and advertising for the brand. The advertising and online promotion for the project is ongoing.

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