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The Pioneer of Tomorrow

"RPS Group, India's first Real Estate Developer to go Responsive Design Tech"

When RPS Group, A real estate developer based out of India, decided to get their primary company website redone by us, our first thoughts were that this project was going to be an interesting journey! The reason behind this thought was that RPS was keen on giving us complete freedom in the direction and technology for the website. This, for us, was a potential playground, to use our unique method of exploratory research and come up with the perfect solution hat would help RPS compete online with the likes of DLF and Unitech.

Once we started to look into modern technology as a platform for real estate builders to showcase their brand across devices (Laptops, Mobile phones and Tablets), we were clear on what we wanted to achieve. In this case (and by no means a small feat) a modern, clean design with clear information display, large imagery that would have depth a of field parallax effects, all functioning across devices and, the real kicker, a CMS (or content management system) that was visually driven - i.e editing content live - on the page.

We are proud that we fulfilled this tall order to the satisfaction of the client who trusted us with this immense task and of- course at our accomplishment - taking India's first Real Estate builder website that uses true html5 and web 2.0 technology, with a visual content management system - online.